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Eel Kabayaki 150g (for Microwave)

Product Detail Information

Eel Kabayaki 150g (for Microwave)


  • Description: Japanese style sweet soysauce seasoned eel meat. Ready-to-go product which can cooked with microwave.

  • Function: Emergency food, Unagi-don, Kabayaki, Sushi

  • Feature: HACCP, Exclusive production of Seapost in Korea

  • Specification: 150g x 20ea = 3kg (Conserve under -18℃)



Mission Statement

We manufacture and supply high standard food products for restaurants to save our clients’ time and money.
Since January 2015, we mainly manufacture food for Japanese style restaurant usage in South Korea.
We’ve launched over 20 news products since 2014, and aiming to double the number of products this year.
We are currently looking for overseas distributors.

Additional Notes

- HACCP [Processed food / Seafood / Mollusk]: Accredited on Dec. 2013
- Registration Certificate from National Fishery Products Quality Management Service: Accredited on Mar. 2015
- Export Ready

For further information, Please visit our website or send inquiry to us.